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I think grounding is also necessary to prevent sparks that can trigger dust explosions.
Dust explosion is a rare phenomenon, but it does happen now and then.


I read up quite a bit on that subject years ago, and it is non-existent in what is a home shop setting.  Systems of 5HP or more are where this is possible to happen.  Most home shops are 3HP or lower.
I have a Bott smart van system and I love it.
I think it's the best available.
Systainers do fit on the standard drawers on the shelfs and behind the flaps.
Although I never leave systainers in my van overnight or at the client because there's a lot of car robbery in Holland.
Thieves love systainers because they can carry away the stolen goods easily.

You can better contact a Bott dealer and he can advise you on the right modules.
They have 3D software specified for all vans and can design a system for your van.
At the end of the design proces a total prices is given by the software.
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Conturo glue line help
« Last post by safety1st on Today at 12:22 PM »
Thanks for the info.

I am however hoping that I am doing something wrong and I should be able to edge band with a very thin glue line. Hopefully that is the case.

Also if anyone has pictures of their edge banded stock that is deemed satisfactory it would be helpful. I'll take pictures of the ones I have been able to make.
Hello all;

I’m a bit of newbie to using this router. I’ve been trying to find some good how to videos on using the MFK700 to trim edge banding on wooden cabinets.

I’m planning on applying thin wood veneer edging to 18mm plywood European kitchen cabs.

My question is does Festool have a bit that trims and rounds over the veneer at the same time?

I watched a video from Festool Germany that implied you’d need to trim it with one bit and then round it over with a second one?

My goal is to have an invisible edge between the veneer and the cabinet edge.

Thanks in advance for your help!

I use a 2mm version from this range when trimming/arrising 2mm edging

It trims and arrises in 1 pass.
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: More fun with 80/20...??
« Last post by supimeister on Today at 11:47 AM »
Ah, I guess I didn't even notice that.  Well, that about settles it with regards to using the UK option.  Thanks!
@Stanleywc   Does it (grounding) actually keep the surface of the pvc clean?
Yes, it works great. I have not vacuumed the piping off since it was installed and it has very little if any dust on them at all. I do run a JDS air cleaner during the winter, my hand power tools are Festool with dust extractors and all of my stationary equipment is attached to a central dust collector though.  But I used this same type of set up prior to the grounding too and I had significant dust stuck to the piping when I removed it for the remodel. I was actually surprised that it worked so well
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: More fun with 80/20...??
« Last post by Sean KS on Today at 11:34 AM »
@supimeister Oh yea for sure would ream the holes out, the RUWI clamps are designed with a wedge too, thought you were looking to get your hands on that product. I use fence dogs like the BenchDog UK ones, works great, ream free is the way to be.
Festool How To... / Re: CMS55 sliding table alignment off
« Last post by Roachmill on Today at 11:33 AM »
As far as I can make out, my CMS is dead on after some fettling with the the assorted bolts. Sounds like yours ain't right so would a swap not be in order? I completely understand the expectation for it to be accurate after such a traumatic wallet-worrying experience!
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: More fun with 80/20...??
« Last post by supimeister on Today at 11:25 AM »
@Sean KS - that is a great idea, but I am a little hesitant to use any wedge based solution on my mft/3... won't that ruin the integrity of the 20mm hole diameter after a few uses?

Hey Simon, that thread was a discussion I had with Tom about Metabo grinders in general. I was looking for something that I could run on a track/rail. Tom was kind enough to point me in the direction and gave me a contact at ACME Tool.

I was prepared to purchase the Metabo until I learned that Festool was going to release their AGC 18-125 in the US. I've decided to wait for the Festool offering because I really want to go the cordless route.
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