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Festool Tool Reviews / Re: Festool C18 - Video
« Last post by yetihunter on Today at 01:58 PM »
Gotta comment been biting my lip for ages ... what is it with this obsession with the 'pistol grip' C series?

It's mental... horribly uncomfortable and totally unergonomic; control is with the index finger not the 'rest of the paw'!!!

It's not personal preference either, anymore than running on your hands is versus running on 2 legs it's just bloody obvious.

And as for the CXS; worst most uncomfortable drill I've ever owned just terrible totally outclassed by the offerings from bosch metabo makita and dewalt and I'm no fan of any of them generally.

The PDC if it didn't have so much wobble in the gearbox would be a winner but you can either use it for finesse OR grunt work and as soon as you do the later it loses the ability to be accurate. It does however have the ability to immobilise at 30 yards those without ear protection in percussion mode!!!

There I've said it now :)

You're not alone, I have a borderline personality disorder relationship with the C style.
Sometimes I love it, other times I hate it.   Never am I meh.  I suppose it's great art.
The C18 does have the most precise screw driving of then all (splitting hairs).  But that is what's under the hood and not the shape of it. 

My PDC is still as accurate as ever, so, I guess I'm lucky.  :)

Well, some of the ‘small’ parts are not sold individually, but only as complete subassemblies. Eg the excentric rollers on my sliding table broke and I had to buy new ones as part of an assembly (at around 30 usd a piece…). Mailed Festool about it and they were kind enough to send me two of those for free (‘under warranty’). Great service! YMMV because I am in the Netherlands and you’re not.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Quality cordless hand drill press
« Last post by Svar on Today at 01:49 PM »
If we're talking about a closed bottom drill stand (think mini drill press) the best value drill stand is a Wabeco.
I prefer Proxxon BFB 2000. Proper dovetail slide mechanism and ability to drill at an angle.
Festool Tool Reviews / Re: Festool C18 - Video
« Last post by yetihunter on Today at 01:48 PM »
Thank you Peter for another useful video  [cool]

Am I the only person that holds every drill in that fashion?  Actually, I'd have my pinky on the trigger if my hands weren't so small.

Perhaps it goes with the fact you are a modern girl  [tongue] (not judging here).


 [big grin] lol

Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: New TS75 “Kicks Back”
« Last post by SoonerFan on Today at 01:23 PM »
@TinyShop - thanks fo the details.  Documentation was helpful.  I think my saw setup is correct.

@live4ever @Peter Halle and @jarbroen - thanks for the comments.  I think you are on to something.  I think this issue might have been caused by longer board, not having the saw plunged completely down before entering the wood and the additional power.  I will test it out to confirm.

Thanks FOG
Member Projects / Re: Apothecary chest
« Last post by Jim Kirkpatrick on Today at 01:20 PM »
 Derek,   I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.   Looking great so far and I love that you include your thought process during design.   Well done!

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Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: New TS75 “Kicks Back”
« Last post by jarbroen on Today at 01:10 PM »
It could  be something in the setup of the saw.  However, I have experienced kick back if I don't have the saw fully spun up and plunged before hitting wood.
On 1/2 or 3/4 ply it's not so much a problem, usually no kick back.  But when I stack 2 or 3 sheets or cut into thicker wood stock it will definitely jump back.  I either use the rail stop or(and much simpler) just leave myself enough rail at the beginning to have the saw fully plunged before contacting wood.

The 75 is a huge improvement over the 55 when cutting thick stock, I think you'll be super impressed.  With the stock 36t blade on the 75 I've powered through plenty of 8/4 and thicker walnut stock.
Member Projects / Re: Apothecary chest
« Last post by neilc on Today at 12:52 PM »
Derek -

Great to see another project underway by you.  Looking forward to how you cut the drawers with that curved front!

Excellent walk-through, as usual!

First of all, thanks for all the people replying. I am sorry but after spending what I spent on Sys, Track and TS55, I found a little silly to spend another 13$ for an extra stop because I lost a 30c part. I have already 2 (one is missing the bolt) and I will use the functional one as a kick back stop. I will hang in there. Festool should have spare parts for every single piece they sell considering the "luxury products" they sell. Considering that it is such a small part and it is easy to lose it. On a second note, I 'll bet it is used somewhere else in the Festool products. Anyway, I tried Lee Valley bolt but they do not fit. Going to EU soon, I will see if I can find a stupid bolt like that there. I do not know machine shop that can help. I might be hopeless. Thanks again for trying to help!
What does that have to do with using the WP variable jig?
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