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That sounds like a better setup than a loose fitting sleeve. A snug fitting outer jacket on the hose would be less prone to snagging or hanging up on anything.

Still, a power cord integrated into the hose for some applications would be nice.
Classifieds / WTB Woodpeckers 2096 Workholding Kit
« Last post by jkanter on Today at 11:24 AM »
These were just delivered last month and was hoping someone might have bought it but didn't really need it as they did when purchased.

Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: Systainers in the cold
« Last post by justaguy on Today at 11:16 AM »

Note to self - don't knock over systainers on cold days
Most oils of any kind will cause an amber tone which will get even more enhanced over time with sun exposure.

Lacquers will leave the lighter tone of maple with little to no yellowing.

A polyurethane will have less yellowing than oils but can look more plastic since it's a thicker film than a lacquer.

Haven't used lacquer before but keen to investigate. Can I get a matte finish with brush on lacquer?

What brand/product should I start reading about?
Classifieds / Re: Festool Ti15 Impact Driver set
« Last post by serge0n on Today at 11:14 AM »
Price reduced.
Festool and Tanos Systainers / Systainers in the cold
« Last post by Billy stray on Today at 11:06 AM »
Boy that packout system just looks better all the time....... [sad]
Try using the white, 5% white or cotton white with the Rubio Monocoat. I used the 5% white when trying to achieve similar results. Take a sample board and try them at Exotic Woods they have sample bottles of everything.


Thanks John, I'll get some extra stock sanded to 180 and make the trip.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: OF 1400 Router Support Foot
« Last post by Cheese on Today at 10:27 AM »
Mine is not the brand new model. It is an iteration or two older as I picked it up on the Festool Recondition site. I'm guessing a 2015 model since it came in a 90 years systainer.

Check the serial number plate, there should also be a build date listed.
I realize that people are talking about other types of hose sleeves and it may or may not be obvious from the pictures and discussion but one thing to note about the new hose is that  "sleeved" is a bit of a misnomer. The outer "fabric"  is not so much a sleeve, more like the integral outer layer of the hose. I am not sure how easily removable it is.   But it is not  loose  like most hose sleeves.

May be a cord there could affect the flexibility of the hose. Or, if an embedded cord fails, a feature of the corded hose dies with it. Just a guess.

They make hoses for whole house central vac systems that have a power cord embedded in it to drive the power beater bar on the wand. I doubt it's rated for 120V/12A but it's there.

Speaking of central vac systems they also have what they call hose socks. I've seen two styles, one is a slip on with a draw-string tie at each end and the other is a zippered sleeve that would make it very easy to install/remove over a long hose and cord as needed. The price is not difficult to take either, less than US$50.

Those are rated 3A max.

There's a third type of sock that is stretchy, like a sock. 
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