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Ask Festool / Planex Easy Hose Connection Diameter
« Last post by c_dwyer on Today at 10:43 PM »
Hi All:
Thinking about a Planex Easy for some upcoming drywall work. Unfortunately, I don't have a CT, just a Midi with an Ultimate Dust Deputy and don't have the shop space (when done) or the cashews for a bigger vac.

So here's my question: will I be able to connect the current hose that I have (27 mm dia at the tool end) to the Planex Easy? The specs are a little confusing and it mentions both 27 and 36 connection diameters:

Idle engine speed                             400 - 920 RPM
Power consumption                                      400 watt
Weight                                                8.8 lbs (4 kg)
Abrasive dia.                                      8.9" (225 mm)
Dust extraction connection dia.           1-7/16" (36 mm)
Interchangeable sanding pad dia.     8-1/2" (215 mm)
Length                                          63.00 in (1.60 m)
Max. dust extraction connection dia.   1-1/16" (27 mm)

Would I need the 36 mm hose for this pup? Any help would be appreciated!
I couldn't quickly find the video I thought I remembered seeing on hose length and its impact on suction. I'll keep looking. In the meantime, here are some threads on the topic.

And a quote that I made in that first thread based on specs from Festool when I was there.

I was able to gain access to some information. The maximum length for combining D50 and D27 hoses is 98'. We would only recommend this length, or lengths beyond say 60' for fine dust like that produced by sanders.
I assume that the Bluetooth remote module will not work on a CT22 & CT33?

@Don T, unfortunately, no it will not.

Thx for the link to my video.  [laughing]

@carlswoodshop, thanks for doing the video and welcome to the forum!

I have the light grey 3.5m 27mm hose I use with my CT 22 for clean up on work bench etc. I have a new 5mm 27mm hose in my shopping cart at Toolnut but am a little hesitant that the increased length will reduce the suction too much. Again I use it to clean up shavings, etc only and it is never hook up to a tool. What really bugs me about the grey hose it the ribs hang as I pull it across the workbench. The CT 22 has the Ultimate Dust Deputy on it and boom arm, etc.

@Claimdude, we sell a product called TechFlex that you can use on your existing hose if you're just looking to have that braided sleeve functionality. I want to say @Peter Parfitt did a video about suction over various lengths of hose. Let me see if I can find it. As I recall, the lose of suction was very minimial. The new hoses are smooth on the inside and conical (tapered) along their length which is suppose to improve suction at the tool end.


Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: Systainer maxi
« Last post by KongKirill on Today at 10:20 PM »
Hi, Guys! As promised I gave it a try and made a tool box out of sys maxi. the whole process I'd like to compare with "Gluing an elephant to the car" - absolutely  ridicules! I didn't know how and the most important I didn't know why.
Well the motivation was be cause I promised @SRSemenza and @aloysius
Unfortunately I don't have so much handtools as @aloysius , so there is not a whole lot to fit. But I also tok @aloysius advise not to overload.
I also tried to address @SRSemenza 's concern of vertical lift.
I Wasn't been able to fit all my tool in it anyway, but overall I'm satisfied.
Last picture shows how I may use the lid part of systainer.

I assume that the Bluetooth remote module will not work on a CT22 & CT33?
You can also split the outlet to have only one of the two to be switched and the other to be live in all time

If you're interested in a sander that takes both sizes also check out the Mirka Deros. I bought mine for the same reason and I really love it.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: ETS EC 125 with a 150 pad on it?
« Last post by Cheese on Today at 09:15 PM »
Check out the sanders...they are in fact for in all matters, the same sander.

One pad small, the other pad big.  [big grin]
Thanks so much and have you noticed any difference between a 125 with a 150 pad on it and the regular
 150 ?
Thx for the link to my video.  [laughing]

I am using the hose sleeve for a while now, and it is a great solution for making your old hose snagless.
The only thing we can't do is make the inside smooth.

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