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To throw in another material: Plexiglass.
Moisture resistant, millable with the usual tools, perfect for glueup with itself , high strength, not that brittle, available in many colors (incl. transparent).
Although I am a HUGE fan of lexan, it is not going to be as tough as ABS, albeit stiffer than ABS. There is not much flex in lexan before it breaks (Unless heated).

Then we get back to the concept of forming them over mandrel using a vacuum or some press.  [big grin]
Festool How To... / Re: Drilling a hole in nothing?
« Last post by Upscale on Today at 04:04 PM »
If the center of the existing hole lines up with the center of the larger hole you'd like to make, then you need a special arbor hole saw for this exact purpose.
Oops Hole Saw
Shane, is there any option for steel cutting on the Kapex?

Festool never offered a steel cutting blade for the Kapex so I’d guess that Amana probably won’t either, however we’ll let @Shane Holland weigh in on this one.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Makitas new 18V trim router
« Last post by Steven Owen on Today at 03:34 PM »
Stephen Owen:name one issue that Makita fixed on their track saw from corded to cordless. For the record I own both.

The changes or refinements are minor.  They changed the dust collection port.  The new cordless saw is going to support a wider range of blades design for use specifically for cordless brushless motors.  The handle ergonomics changed slightly too.   I think they had to change the handle to make room for the two batteries.

I wish they would have used a true 36 Volt platform like Dewalt so you wouldn’t have to stick 2 batteries in the saw.  Overtime the two batteries could wear out at different rates impacting performance.

Hi, having just became a festool owner for the first time I decided its time to introduce myself and ive a few questions also. Well I'm from Ireland, being doing carpentry and general construction for close to 15 years and finally bought in to festool, hasn't been the greatest experience so far but want to make the most of it from here on. Well i ordered the ctm36 ac hd and the ets ec150 together sept10th to this day I still haven't received the sander but just got notification its on the way and the vacuum arrived cracked, that has being resolved by me receiving the cracked piece as a replacement part. Anyway first question that needs answering, is the hose received with this vacuum really only suitable for the planex and should I be replacing it. Second, will any of the floor cleaning kits work with existing hose if I dont need to replace it. Thanks in advance
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: ETC-EC 150/3 or ETS-EC-150/5
« Last post by Steven Owen on Today at 03:09 PM »
I'm a painting contractor and my sanding tasks range from stripping exterior window sills to scuff sanding between clear coats. Over the past 5 year I've purchased 5 Festool sanders because I've realized that they all serve a specific niche.

For a hobbiest woodworker or for projects around the house the ETS-EC 150-5 is probably the best general purpose sander in the Festool lineup. It really excels with abrasives in the 80-220 rage, which for most people are the probably the most commonly used abrasives. If I was only allowed to have one sander, this would be it.

The ETS125 is an excellent fine finish sander when you're using 220 or higher grits. You'll get frustrated using it for anything beyond scuff sanding between clears or the final sanding pass before you apply stains or sealers. It's painfully slow at removing material large amounts of material, but this is what makes it such an excellent fine finish sander.

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Hopefully my Abranet papers will arrive this week so I can test the ETS 125 on some varnishing tasks.  The ETS-EC-150/5 mm seems like a better fit for larger projects like tables and beds.  The 3 mm stoke might be a little slow on large projects. 
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Vac SYS Container
« Last post by Brice Burrell on Today at 02:54 PM »
......Because why on earth would an american want a VacSys in a Syatainer? System approach and all that. </sarc>

Couldn't get UL approval for the pump in Systainer.
@Cheese, according to the manufacturer, you can cut up to 1/4" thing gauge aluminum with the aluminum blade and up to 1/8" steel with the steel blade. Thanks.

Shane, is there any option for steel cutting on the Kapex?
Cochese my brotha,

Just checked this thread out, man you did a heck of a job with that shop.  I like using the T-111 panels for the interior walls.I was thinking of doing the same, I have a dumb question, why didnt you paint the panels white? I was going to inorder to brighten the shop up with the white walls being able to reflect the light and brighten it up.

I just found out about those LEDs replacing the Fluorescents. I found out about them on a recent trip to Oregon. I have enough light in my shop already but when I start replacing them Ill be definately going with the LEDs.

Well done mate very nice job [not worthy]

Thanks. I may paint the walls something at some point, but even just the two lights right now are so bright and throw enough light that I haven't felt the need. It might actually border on too much light when I add another pair. That's truly how bright it is in there. That one pic of the hand plane till from October 13 was taken before dawn. It's like turning on the sun when just these two fixtures come on. They are 4100 lumens each.
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: coming VERY soon (US)
« Last post by jobsworth on Today at 02:31 PM »
Hey you guys need to buy up that CT so we can see whats next....  [oops]

 [thanks] for your understanding
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