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Festool How To... / Suggestions with how to use a TS55
« Last post by earcaesar1 on Today at 05:17 PM »
I am looking at getting my first TS55 and I had a couple questions. I have normally just used a table saw to rip plywood, but I've been trying to figure out what is the easiest and most cost effective way to rip plywood with a TS55. I know you have to cut into something to support it. What do you all recommend? I don't have the space to really have a Table dedicated to this. It is just out of my garage where I park my cars.
Could be they are updating those tools and trying to reduce inventory before the new models are released.

Festool USA already responded in the thread that this is not the case.

If new models or updates were coming, we would see them 6-12 months in advance in Europe typically and there's nothing on the radar.  [wink]
I use my CTL Midi as "wheeled base" since I need it whenever I work anyway. If you store it near the other tools you can just snap everything you need on there and wheel that out. Works for me at least.

It would work for me as well, save that the top of my vacuum is taken up by the Oneida Ultimate Dust Deputy --- I really wish that the top were designed so as to allow one to store accessories and additional Systainers on top of the latter.

FWIW, I decided to try out a less expensive system as a trial (Husky 22" Connect Rolling System Tool Box and Husky 1.8 ft. x 3 ft. Portable Jobsite Workbench) and it's off to a slow start --- having trouble sorting out which tool goes into which box, though it did let me clear out my joiner's chest --- I'm hoping for a weekend of clear cool weather where I can lay all my tools out on the back deck and sort through things systematically and just do it. I also need to work up a way to connect the workbench to the rolling system when collapsed and possibly when working.

Tempted by the idea of just making a vertical wall-hanging tool cabinet à la Studley and putting all of my nicer tools in it in the living room.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Finger joint & Dove Tails Options
« Last post by WillAdams on Today at 04:46 PM »
I think that with a bit of patience and care, the Veritas Dovetail Saw Jig (which I also have) is a better solution for me, and at less than 10% of the cost of the Leigh something of a bargain.  Plus you can do dovetails that look hand-cut, with super-slim pins.

I bought this a while back to use on a project:

and it worked quite well. Highly recommended.
Could be they are updating those tools and trying to reduce inventory before the new models are released.
If “time is a huge factor”, you can’t beat a series of Dominos, which look pretty good to me.
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: Trade Up Program - effective today!
« Last post by jobsworth on Today at 04:38 PM »
So, it's a $100 off sale on saws and routers with the buyers jumping through a hoop to send some POS tool in so Festool does not have to label it as a sale in order to protect their price fixing?
Nice work! [emoji1305]
What is the plan for the outside of your „square door“?

The only bad thing about this is, that it brings me to realize how nice something similar would be in my shop. [emoji6]
Thanks guys

Yes it does feel good. But the problem is I feel the need to get everything the same way

I will get there 👍

Thanks mick
Classifieds / FS: Kapex hose
« Last post by bwehman on Today at 03:46 PM »
Hi all!

I have a length of Festool 36mm hose made for dust collection on the Kapex miter saw. It's about 1.75 meters (about 5 feet). The shortened run increases airflow significantly.


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