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Classifieds / Re: Festool OF 2200 EB Router
« Last post by Handytools48 on Today at 02:02 AM »
Price Reduced
I have the 48" Verysupercooltools fence with the clear stock guides from jessem on my uni. It is an awesome bit of kit! I would never change it for anything else, only add to it.  It is my favorite tool in the shop! Let me know if you have any questions!
For those of you who have the clear-cut stock guides, I also use one of the guides as a cross-cut fence stop, saving the need to clamp a stop block on the fence when using the mitre gauge to make repeated cuts.
Member Projects / Re: H&K Custom Barn Doors
« Last post by TXFIVEO on Yesterday at 10:27 PM »
Installed this evening...
Classifieds / Re: Festool TS 75 Shipped $550
« Last post by FairportNYEric79 on Yesterday at 10:14 PM »
Still available and I uploaded pictures.
I came up with a way to use MagSwitches to attach the Jessem guides to my SawStop fence.

I embedded two switches in a piece of oak that runs the length of the fence. The Jessem guide mounts to the oak board. This set up works well. The guide goes on with a turn of each MagSwitch.
Member Projects / Re: Plywood vs Drywall for interior home walls
« Last post by 3PedalMINI on Yesterday at 08:21 PM »
Drywall is also cheap to have installed. Shockingly cheap actually.

I would wager to bet you could have the whole house professionally installed and paint ready for less then it would cost you to plywood the house.

Don’t overthink it, with the right anchors and some common sense you can hang anything (within reason) into drywall.
The installation manual can be improved for clarity. The way they present the three screw holes is confusing.

I saw a video by an Australian woodworker who installed the stock guides on a plywood base and he uses the mag-jig magnets to attach the whole set-up on the SawStop fence. That would make the installation easier.

Can you post a link to the video?  That sounds very interesting.
So tried my hand at prefinished ply today,with .5mm prefinished edging. Went pretty good overall.Tried a bearing flush trim bit with the mfk 700 but it was used and could have been sharper. I feel I achieved my best results trimming by hand. But i have nothing as a gauge as this is my only experience.
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