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Best Woodworking & Festool Stores in San Diego
« on: January 11, 2018, 10:01 AM »
I'll be in San Diego next month for a couple of days.  What are the best stores in the area
*  For Festool
*  For high end hand tools

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Re: Best Woodworking & Festool Stores in San Diego
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2018, 11:29 AM »
Not much for woodworking stores in San Diego. 

The San Diego Rockler store is good, but is about the same or slightly smaller as the one in Denver. 

Two stores, Frost Hardwood Lumber and The Hardwoods & Hardware (TH&H), have a basic inventory of Festool.  Neither had a demo area the last time I was there.  They both hosted the Festool roadshow about a year ago.  First and foremost, they are hardwood lumber suppliers.

The only local source of high-end tools was The Craftsman Studio.  However, the owner retired two years ago and sold the business.  The new owner moved the storefront to Washington state.

Other than that, I would go to the Balboa Park museums, the zoo, Safari Park, tour the USS Midway or take a harbor cruise.

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Re: Best Woodworking & Festool Stores in San Diego
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2018, 12:03 AM »

Sorry for taking so long to reply I live in the OC about a hour from SD. So if ya dont mind driving a little bit......

Depending on where you actually are ,

About a hour North up the I 5 to Santa Ana Calif is Austins Hardware and Hardwood its a candy store for woodworkers. They have a lot of festool and a lot of hand tools and a lot of wood and hardware  for you to lust over.

 But approx a hour from there you can get to Andersons plywood.
They have the biggest supply of festools Ive seen a huge area where you can fondle the different tools. Plus Their festool guy is Don Ware.  Don has forgot more then most people know about festools.

Some of the festool reps and me call him for advice. He is a good guy that loves to talk festool and will answer your questions show you the techniques you need to get what you want done. He down to earth hes not really a salesman doesnt push the tools but if you need one or want one he'll sell it to ya and show ya how to use it and the acessories for it.

If you want to look at finishes and wood repair products after you leave Austins and about 15-20 min away is Wood Repair Products in Orange. They specialize in finishes and have everything thing you need to both finish anything to repair anything.
They are nice people and will answer all your questions as to what to use for spray finishes, wipe on, brush both water base and solvent based. They will mix any custom color your want, they have lots of spray equipment Lots of stuff there. It aient pretty but if your interested in that sort of thing they have it all. plus they ship. enter through the back, they have a sign in front that says its for pros only but Ive not had a problem and know them by name. I only mentioned that to give you a idea that when It comes to finishes and furniture repair they are very good.

If I think of anything else Ill add on

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Re: Best Woodworking & Festool Stores in San Diego
« Reply #3 on: January 28, 2018, 12:38 AM »
Try TH&H Hardwoods - I think it is a sister company of Austin Hardwoods - it is in Kearny Mesa - East of Mission Bay. Google it for the number and address, but as Ron says - lots of great wood, Festool and other high-end tools. Of course, you have an Austin in Denver so if you have been there it is likely very similar.