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About the line set length and distance from the indoor unit, Fujitsu recommends a minimum 5m length on my unit and most likely his as well.  They provide an adjustment (refrigerant) only if the length exceeds 20m.  Just eyeballing his picture it appears it's just above the minimum recommended.

I've never come across a unit that required a minimum line set length even close to that long.  Most standard (whole house systems) come with enough freon for up to 15ft of line set and no minimum length that I'm aware of.  The Daikins that I've installed come with enough freon for up to 33ft of line set with a minimum length of 4.9ft and max of 65ft of line set. 

Still doesn't change the fact that you should always use the shortest line set length that you can.

The minimum length probably has to do with the amount of freon that comes with the system.  A line set that's too short would mean too much freon.  You can use a shorter line set as long as you remove the freon and weigh in the proper amount for the installed line set length.  Of coarse it's a lot easier to just coil up some line set if you have too.

BTW, while looking up this information I found that a canopy, designed exactly like the one in the pictures above, is recommended for mini splits that are located in heavy snowfall areas.  Of coarse that doesn't pertain to my area or any top discharge units.  Excellent job Walt!