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Re: The tidying of the Untidy Shop
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Congratulations @online421  on finding a solution that appears to have worked for you. Why a new container rather than a repurposed shipping container? Was there a cost advantage going that way?

The following reasons are why
1. Height
The height of shipping container is 2.6m, or 9ft 6 in. the demountable storage I have bought is only 2m(6ft 8 in). where I placed the storage is right on the boundary of my property with my neighbour, at 2m high it is acceptable to my neighbour (our fence height is 1.8m), but not 2.6m high

2. Size
Shipping Container comes in standard 40ft/20ft/10ft. 40 is too big for me, 20 is still too big, 10 is too small. mine is 4m long

3. Mobility
I can disassemble my storage and take away with my trailer, but I cant do this with a shipping container.

4. Cost
where I am the 20ft shipping container is not cheap. its about the same price as the demountable storage I've bought.
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