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I found another hidden treasure on a shelf. This is one of the best detail triangular sanders in the world. It's not very popular, but it is extremely useful.

This sander ships in Systainer 2 and it comes standard with:

-   DX-93 sander
-   Systainer 2
-   StickFix sanding pad soft
-   Flat extended-length sanding pad
-   One sanding sheet
-   Instruction manual

Systainer's insert has plenty space for the sander and accessories.


Overall, the sander's length is around 300 mm or 12". Sander uses 93mm triangular sanding pads with a 6 hole pattern.


The power switch is conveniently located on the left side of the sander.
Sander has 27mm dust chute, and permanently a attached power cord.  There is a speed control dial right over power cord.

What makes this sander convenient is that you can use all three sides of  the sand paper because of its geometry. (this trick doesn't work with DTS -400).


What makes this sander unique is that you can rotate  the sanding pad 120 degrees. That means that tip of sanding pad lasts three times longer than tip of sanding pad of DTS 400. Thanks to the snap stud connector, changing or rotating the sanding pad takes about 3-10 seconds. Festool produces sanding pads for DX 93 soft and hard for different applications. I prefer hard pads for removing varnishes from floors and stairs.
The smaller pad size easily reaches into tight spaces between balusters.  Another important aspect is cost of ownership. Replacement pad for DTS 400 costs $22 each. Two replacements pads for DX-93 go for $14 per pair, or $7 each.
The huge advantage over Fein multimaster (and its clones) is excellent dust collection.  


This sander is extremely aggressive with coarse grits. It eats paint and varnish with ease. But with fine grits it makes your  surface silky smooth.

Festool produces wide variety of sand paper for this sander - from Saphir P24 to Brilliant 2 P400.

 This sander can reach very tight spaces. You can sand stairs, corners, the spaces between balusters, louvers, etc.


One very useful standard accessory is the flat extended-length sanding pad. This pad is designed for sanding louvers, but it's possible to use it in different places too. This pad can use abrasives from DX-93 itself, or abrasives from DTS-400(DS-400) sanders. Changing between standard and extended pads takes 20-30 seconds, and requires unscrewing two 4mm screws.


Another helpful and delightful accessory (sells separately) is systainer for DX-93 abrasives. This systainer has 8 compartments for different abrasives. They lay very neatly inside. :)

This is an excellent orbital detail sander with a triangular pad. DX-93 is extremely helpful for re-finishing and for sanding in tight spaces.
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Re: Another hidden trasure - DX -93
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Thanks for that nice overview of a tool I don't (yet) own or have seen someone use in person. The louver extension is interesting since the previous owner in our house FILLED the home with louvered doors...13 I think.

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Re: Another hidden trasure - DX -93
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 [thumbs up]   Great review!   [thumbs up]

Like Ron, this is a Festool sander that I don't own either -- and I own a few.  Comparing the wear and costs with the DTS-400 is a very nice touch!  And including the Systainer for the abrasives really completes the review.  Great job!

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Re: Another hidden trasure - DX -93
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I love the Deltex! It's in my go-to three.


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Thanks for this review. I have just found one in the classifieds going for a song and was hesitant if it would do what I needed. You answered all my concerns which have turned into joy. Just called the guy and picking up in the morning. Man, I love FOG.  [big grin]
Another Festool coming home to Papa's workshop  [drooling]
Festool Junkie

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great review and info, thanks for that.
Denver, CO.

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Okay, my new orphan is home and I gotta say, its everything you said it would be. Very cool. I have no idea how I survived without it before.  [eek]

Thanks again
Festool Junkie

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It sure is a great sander, I use mine a lot.

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a fine review.
The Deltex was my second sander from Festool.  It backs up my RO 150 perfectly and I have not regretted either purchase.
I have a Fein Multimaster that I use in spots too tight for the Deltex, but it makes far too much dust into the air.  Also, a lot more noise.
I have thought about the extension pad for the DX, and your thoughts confirm what I had thought. 

Thanks for the report.
Wayne H. Tinker