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Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: Kaizen Foam!! How to customize it.
« Last post by hdv on Today at 05:21 PM »
Yes it is. See photo.

Festool Tool Reviews / Re: Improved CT Hose Garage T-Lock
« Last post by NYC on Today at 05:16 PM »
Hi Xedos,
Thanks for the re-direct. That site is in German and doesn't google translate when opened in a search window. Any advice?-thanks
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: Modified ctl sys
« Last post by Bob D. on Today at 04:43 PM »
Thanks for your responses everyone.

"What sanders are you thinking?" Well, my current possibilities include the RO125, RTS400, RAS115, ETS EC 125/3 and I have the Systainers they came in of course but going mobile I was thinking of only taking one or two and being able to put them in the Sys II or III with the hose and enough of whatever grit papers I need to get me through the current task.

Yes, I was thinking fishing the hose through a hole vice dropping it into the slot would be a pain, but if the opening was large enough to accept the 90 then I would only need to push about 14 inches in from outside not feed the whole house through from the inside out.

Either that or hard-pipe an extension to the port on the CT-SYS to the outside and plug the hose in there.  I would like to use my sleeved hose with the integrated plug-it-cable in place of the hose supplied with CT-SYS, so located the hose connection close to the power outlet on the vac would be a plus. I think I will investigate this option before I go any further or make any modifications to my Systainers.
Hello Everyone

I want to thank everyone for the Emerald Edition Orders to date!!!

We still have lots of inventory and can ship anywhere in Canada. Free Shipping Over $150!!!!


Best Regards
Dan Clermont
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Opinions on CT SYS?
« Last post by demographic on Today at 04:28 PM »
When Festool makes a bluetooth triggered class M cordless version I'll be all over it.
That way it would cope with the UKs different voltages from sites to household with just a spare charger.
Till then, I'll stick with a CTM26.

Both would be nice with each for a different reason
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Opinions on CT SYS?
« Last post by dupe on Today at 03:27 PM »
I've come close to several times to buying a refurb. I'd like to use it for exterior work, mainly refinishing/painting my house. But then I think about cordless dust extractors from other manufactures, mainly backpack models.

Then I wonder if the cost of those backpacks ($$) and run time of batteries ($$$) is worth not tripping on a cord..
Then I wonder whether or not I want to keep up with the capacity of CT-SYS on this strip job...

And then I never buy one.. The plan would be to emulate what Steven Johnson has constructed in this video. Throw my Ghostbuster jumper on and get to work.

Anyone see any issues with the unit operating in this orientation? What about running this thing for hours - is sanding all sides of a 1500 sf asking too much of the CT-SYS?
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Festool Grinder AGC 18v (Europe)
« Last post by xedos on Today at 03:21 PM »
Quote from: xedos on Yesterday at 08:12 PM

    Could be the artwork wasn't ready yet, but it's more likely that Festool is playing fast and loose with nomenclature.  It'd be totally out of character for them to offer anything in SAE sizes beside graphics.

Yes, it would be totally out of character for them to offer anything in SAE sizes, but it is a bit negative to say Festool would be playing fast and loose with nomenclature. More likely the author of the website filled in a missing value himself, not knowing there might be a difference.

Neither a negative or a positive.  I'm referring to how Festool all of a sudden has SAE scale tools now in the USA , yet the adjustments themselves still remain in millimeters. Festool's own USA site that lists the Keyless Flange Nut QRN-AGC 18 as 5/8" and shows the picture of it with M14 clearly marked on it. 

A re-seller that has an error like this on their page for an unreleased tool is understandable. The manufacturer's ???  I'd liken it to the TS55 stating it has a 3/4" arbor on Festool's website when it launched.

Of course , I've got copious amounts of egg on my face if these things really do show up with 5/8"-11 arbors.   I'm pretty sure adapters already exist for converting M14 to  5/8"-11.
Another data point, all Metabo 18v drills have chuck spindles that are threaded 1/2”-20tpi
How good is the dust collection with a Kapex in an indoor shop (fine airborne particles)?
For those interested in saving some money (that being said to the FOG audience...  [huh] ). As far as I can see that hot knife is a repackaged Walnut Hollow Creative Versa Tool that can be bought at half the price. I did buy the Walnut version about half a year ago and it works quite well.

See this page on Amazon

P.S. Heating foam can release nasty fumes, so I recommend wearing a respirator mask with the right cartridges when doing that.

Is that hot knife blade replaceable?  If so it looks like it will take any type of "exacto" blade.

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