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Member Projects / Re: Plantation shutter madness
« Last post by JimD on Yesterday at 02:38 PM »
It's been 10 years or so since I finished my last one in the old house but I do not remember glueup issues.  I had the louvers all stapled to the rod at that point so they were a unit but still had to have their pins inserted in both sides during assembly.  If I was making them today, I think I might put a domino in the center but without glue and use a screw above and below it with plugs hiding the screws.  No glue.  It would be plenty strong and it would eliminate the glue open time concern/issue. 
Is anyone aware of any 3d printing files or similar floating around to make a shim for the Domino XL DF700 like the Seneca Domishim?
Member Projects / Crib for newest Grandson
« Last post by JimD on Yesterday at 02:24 PM »
My second grandson is due next month.  I made him a changing table/dresser and, more recently, this crib:

Most of the wood is hard maple.  The horizontal rails on the headboard and footboard are maple plywood.  I cut long mortises with my Domino 700 about 1.5 inches deep and 14mm wide.  A shallow shoulder cut on the plywood rails and a little rounding over of the ends made a nice mortise and tenon joint.  The legs are about 2.75 inches square.  I would have rather clear finished it but my daughter-in-law specified white.  It is finished in white tinted Resisthane. 
Mafell DD40 Doweler various Woodpecker sets.
I recently purchased a 700 and a full range of cutters, all but the 12mm it came with are CMT.  I bought the "off brand" cutters for the same reason I did not get both a 500 and 700.  I will spend more in the next week or so on the house than both would cost but I can't see spending my money this way.  I have tried the little cutters with the Seneca adapter and I don't see where it is difficult to handle in the slightest.  My 700 sits on a shelf below my DeWalt track saw and looks small by comparison.  I realize it is bigger than a 500 but it is not a really big tool. 

My next project is a bedroom set and I will need the larger tenons for this project.  My last project was a crib and I used the 14mm cutter to make large tenons for the headboard and footboard.  I think it is important to remember that the 500 is limited in both width and depth of cut.  A 1 inch deep mortise is just not deep enough for me to feel comfortable for many furniture joints.  The 2 3/4 deep mortises made by the 700 seem like they are plenty for furniture.  I also do not like the idea of using lots of the pre made tenons.  I prefer to just make them in the width I need for the project.  It takes very little time with a planner and typically I can use scrap.  I like the money savings but my little shop also lacks the space to store huge quantities of tenons.  I always have some little scrap to use up. 
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Festool Grinder AGC 18V (US Version)
« Last post by Alex on Yesterday at 01:55 PM »

It will. It's just a standard sized attachment for the 43 mm necks all 115 & 125 mm grinders here in Europe use.

Thanks for that @Alex ...I then may need to purchase one for some porcelain tile installation.

Be adviced that I initially said 43 mm collar size, it should be 50 mm, sorry for that.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Festool Grinder AGC 18v (Europe)
« Last post by Alex on Yesterday at 01:53 PM »
@Brice Burrell

Well Brice, I had a look at it in the store today and talked about all the options with the store manager, and I can safely say now the hood will fit any grinder with a 50 mm collar, no problem.

We also compared the Festool grinder in it with other German models by Bosch and Metabo and Flex, they all had more or less the same dimensions and the same collar size.   

Only DeWalt, American brand, had to be the odd one out, their grinders now had 43 mm collars. The old ones had 50 mm collars, but apparently DeWalt didn't like that anymore.

The direction of the disc's rotation of the Festool grinder was also the same as all others, standard clockwise.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Milwaukee 12V CXS Copy
« Last post by Dane on Yesterday at 01:39 PM »
More about the promotion, please.... [smile]
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: Dealer in London UK?
« Last post by Peter Parfitt on Yesterday at 01:35 PM »
The problem with Screwfix is that they carry no Festool stock in their stores and have no display or demo capability - they are just a box shifter in the very worst sense. Their staff have no clue what the tools do and can offer zero advice.

I am considering adding a kapex to my shop workflow but downsizing my table saw from a cabinet saw to a jobsite.  I have a homemade MFT w/festool track saw already.  Just wasn't sure what people have found are more beneficial.  Kapex + jobsite TS or cabinet saw with no kapex.  Thanks!
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