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Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Saw Base "Flattness" and Kickback
« Last post by ILT on Today at 12:37 PM »
Just for giggles and grins, take a look at this short utube video (3 minutes 47 seconds). Yes, it's about the "twisted" Bosch track saw base, but there may be a solution for you too.  ;)

Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: Systainers in Shop
« Last post by CarlsonCarpentry on Today at 12:24 PM »
I go back on forth on that issue.
I primarily work on a different job site every day. Quick and easy transportation of my tools, including knowing exactly where they are is important to me. Back in the shop it’s a little less important. But I find I have the room and like the systainer system.
But I do get frustrated knowing that without the box I could store about 3 of any given tool in the same space 1 tool in a systainer takes up...
if space is a big issue for you I would recommend making custom spots for all your tools. A  place they belong and are safe. It can be a shelf or something built just to size. Hey if you aren’t using systainers that takes about $70-100 off (after resale) every festool tool anyway!
Member Projects / Re: Another Grandchild, Another Crib
« Last post by BarneyD on Today at 12:22 PM »
Thanks, @JimD

That was also my third crib. I've used the Wood Mag plans and also the Rockler plans. This one is my design. I did not use the barrel bolts. I used the RTA bolts and steel threaded insert nuts (from McFeelys). I also used Dominoes (without glue).

Have you found a source for the mattress support yet? For my first two cribs I purchased the supports from Products America, but they've since gone out of business. I've hunted high and low for an alternate source but have come up empty. We have an old unused crib here and I was going to use the mattress support from it, but it's an inch too long. I'm about to cut it down so it will fit the new crib. But if you've found a new source, I'd love to buy a new one.
Member Projects / Re: Why I like Festool
« Last post by JeffSD on Today at 11:51 AM »
Well, done!

Reminds me of that old TV series:

"Have Festool, Will Travel."  [big grin]
Member Projects / Re: Toilet bowel flange bolts ????
« Last post by Sbradley0911 on Today at 11:41 AM »
The set I got are 1/4 -20 and fit just fine with no trimming of the head.  Just cut the length down after the nut was put on. Never said it's the best or prettiest... just an option. I'm no hardware expert but I'm pretty sure they are just brass coated not solid brass so strong enough for what I'm using them for.
Festool and Tanos Systainers / Systainers in Shop
« Last post by JimD on Today at 11:37 AM »
I built a little stand yesterday afternoon to support my track saw (DeWalt) and Domino XL under my work bench.  I've been putting the track saw on it's case but that wasted space and I wanted a location for the domino.  My shop is small, 14x24 feet, and I rarely work outside of it.  So I do not find the cases for my tools, including the systainer, to be useful in the shop.  Both these tools and a drawer for the spare cutters/blades fits into less space than either tool case takes up.

Do you use your systainers in the shop?  Or do you frequently use your tools away from the shop so storage in the systainer makes sense even if it isn't ideal in the shop?

It seems like the systainer is viewed as a good feature of Festools but for my situation, it doesn't seem to make sense to use it.  I am planning to make a high shelf in a utility room off my garage for all the infreqently used tools and tool cases to reside. 
I put one of the computer power cord connectors on my Domino XL last night.  I've been busy on a crib but am waiting on the finish so I had time to do a little shop work.  Works fine.  When I cut the Festool power cord I found the covering to be a bit softer than the half dozen other cords I've modified and the interior rope to be more generous.  Otherwise, it was a normal 16 gauge power cord.  Now my Domino has the same connectors as my Bosch and DeWalt tools.
Friendly bump in case anyone else is interested in the RAS 115, we have them in stock and ready to ship.

Order RAS 115 Now
We use Insertas by the 1000’s. Never had an issue with them in the doors. We do use solid maple for the rails and stiles. I don’t know how well they work in MDF slabs.


We have used them on a few jobs with MDF slabs. We had no issues with them and the Blum rep says they hold better in MDF than screws do. I am not a fan of MDF doors because of the poor edge durability but sometimes you don't get to make that decision.
Normally they are part of the EcoDrill.
But I must admit I lost mine.
You can buy them separately in a set from Blum (#M31.1040).
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