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@DerickC can you tell us the country of origin for the STM 1800 being sold in the U.S. market? Thanks!
When I clicked on this post/thread (only), my AVG warning popped up, saying the connection to Ramon's link was aborted due to "URL:Phishing." It might be a false positive, but as Mario pointed out, visiting his website could open us up to unknown risks.

By the way, I check my email addresses here from time to time:  Two of my email addresses (and their passwords) were compromised due to hackers' activities on Dropbox and Linkedin.
Clicking on the link from the OP bring up my antivirus, warning me about a fishing attempt. Be carefull

not on mine. I have purchased from Ramon. No issues. Same website.

I'm not saying the website owner is in fault. Any website especially unsecure website like this one is prone to be hacked. Just be careful  [wink]
I doubt this would be a limited time offering if they were being manufactured in the U.S. and shipped abroad.

This product isn't on the Festool dealer website currently which lists the country of manufacturer, so I can't confirm where it's made.

@Shane Holland

Another thing Don said was Festool might be using the preorders to help fund the production run.

Im thinking it could be also to determine interest in the US market. We are  very very large market
I don't think the draw for this product is the cutting table. Plenty of creative DIY and commercial, cheap solutions to handling a sheet for cutting at a comfortable height. It's the whole package of being able to lift a sheet, move the sheet, and cut the sheet on demand as needed.

When I got into working on motorcycles as a hobby there are lot of people that get and modify cheap Craftsman lifts for $100. I spent 4x that on a real beast of a unit that I can climb up on the bike when it's up in the air and it won't budge. I've done it. And I've gotten my moneys worth out of it several times over with all of the work I've done that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to.

Back to the STM 1800. The question it boils down to is does it enable you to do something you otherwise wouldn't be able to? If the answer is yes then I guess you know what to do. Personally the only thing this potentially offers is the sheet lifting. Here in the US we max out at 4x8 unless it's something special we're working on. If you have the dedicated space there are lots of creative pivoting sheet supports DIY that will lift the sheet up to your cutting table. If you don't have a dedicated space there are additionally ideas such as mentioned above. I like the functionality of this product but at $995 I can't imagine investing in it at this point in time. Maybe I'll snag one off Craigslist in 10 years at half price  ;)

Edit: I'm strongly considering this product from Rockler and adding an MFT style top to it to keep in the garage:

Load the sheet, pivot it onto my knock down cutting area, wheel it around for processing and have a place to set the saw, clamps, parallel guides, guide rail squares, etc. The top area maxes at 36"x30" according to their literature so you could do the rips on the cutting table, move pieces over and crosscut on the MFT top. Wheel it around so the crosscut pieces are supported by the ripping station using Lee Valley etc.

One other point I left out is that the height of it is adjustable. To me it means in can roll it out to my truck, slide a sheet of ply /timber on to it and roll it into the shop and adj the height to cutting level cut the ply and slid the peices onto the MFT for cross cutting.

When I was young in my early 50s no problem picking up sheets of 4 x 8 ply, now Im mid 60s im needing some help to take the ply from the truck to the shop and set on a MFT for ripping.

Im thinking this will make my life alot easier and not ave to wait for a neighbor, one of my kids to get home from work or the wife to help muscle the ply from truck to shop one sheet at a time.

Oh I did ax Don Ware to do a video review on it. He said he doesnt have one but will ax te Fesool Rep to see if he could get one and do a functional review of it.

For those that dont know Don, He is one of the most knowledgeable people I know on Festools. go to his you tube channel and check out his videos, very thorough reviews especially on the cyclone.

Him being a both a custom high end carpenter and now working at Anderson selling festools, He knows what our needs are and puts the tools through the paces.

Im looking fwd to his video. Im sure he'll post it here i the FOG when hes done. Plus Don will answer and demo any questions that that he doesnt cover in his original demo. Again look at his cyclone reviews.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: OF 2200 Accessory Kit
« Last post by jobsworth on Today at 10:53 AM »
I bought one for my 2200. Though I primarily keep in my CMS there are times when I use it by hand. Though I havent used all the bases yet there are a couple I use especially for use on a guide rail.  Im the type of guy that thinks I rather have it then not need it then to need it and not have it.

I think for the most part once I get into useing it for hand routing the  kit will b useful
Home Improvement & Other Projects / Re: Best way to demo this brick?
« Last post by Brush on Today at 10:50 AM »
I usually use a thin mason chisel and not the more tradition brick set.  A brick set tends to pulverize the mortar creating more dust then needed. We have thinner ones then these even.

From there I step up to the sds hammer drill with chisel bits like others have mentioned.  It really comes down to the mortar, its strength and how well it bonded as to the best way and the amount of dust.  Might not be an option but I carry a wen air filter from job to job, works great for small dusty jobs like this.
Festool Tool Reviews / Re: FESTOOL RS 2E
« Last post by Alanbach on Today at 10:46 AM »
That is weird. I was going by jcrowe1950’s post from yesterday morning on this thread.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: What Festool Did You buy Today?
« Last post by jobsworth on Today at 10:45 AM »

Once you attach the spindle to the cutter, I found that you can hand tighten the spindles collet to the router then use small Cresent wrench to remove.

I was also thinking of buying a cheap harbor freight wrench and grinding it down to fit. but using my method above it didnt need to. Became though bc those blades are very sharp

If done gently it doesnt damage the spindles collet. If you use a larger wrench you will round over the flats on the spindles collet and have to use something like a bench grinder to make the flats flat.
Dont ax me how I know that  [wink]

It really is a cool accessory. the blades are resharpenable though I brought extra home with me. Really shines when using it to joint boards on the CMS router table.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: CTM Midi + sanding block
« Last post by aloysius on Today at 10:33 AM »
Insufficient airflow warning?  Those Kraenzle vacs really need a minimum throughput of air for cooling purposes @ higher speeds.

Perhaps you should try reducing the motor speed right down (taking current/load away from that motor) &/or introducing an air bleed from the bright green bleed-sleeve collar where the hose attaches to your block.
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