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Member Projects / Re: Bandsaw Shim Jig
« Last post by Jiggy Joiner on Today at 03:38 AM »
Great idea Bob, simple and very effective. I cut some recently on site, with a table saw but, your idea and jig is a much better and a safer option  [thumbs up]
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Mafell on sale by Timber Wolf tools
« Last post by Blues on Today at 02:14 AM »
I would never have bought these items if they were not on sale.
The MT55 would replace my TS 75. The MT55 is the best saw i have used.

The DDF40 compliments the Domino XL beautifully. Love the Domino XL and the connectors. DDF40 is easy to use and very precise. Just the LR32 is about 500$. With this tool no big set up to drill shelf pins. Very quick and intuitive for a domino user. Fantastic for sheet goods.

The P1CC is like no other. No comparison.

Bump. Reduced.
4   You don’t have enough clamps  [wink]
I can see a couple of bare patches of wall in the middle.

I agree!  Still buying.  What I really need though is more Festools.
5   You don’t have enough clamps  [wink]
I can see a couple of bare patches of wall in the middle.
Hand Tools / Re: Veritas flush cutting Chisels
« Last post by Michael Kellough on Today at 12:37 AM »
I’ve had to replace a few too many plugs when the chisel tore a bit off one side. This flush cut saw from Lee Valley is what I use now.
Here's  my solution.

We are doing some severe space clearing and leveling to move a storehouse unit (aluminum skeleton and dense coated tarp roof/sides). My tiller died of a broken transmission (mini - but got lots of years of use). It was great, but I remember holding many times to stop and get a stone out that would be jammed between tines. Can anybody suggest me the best one?
Various Woodworking & Crafts Topics / Metal vanity cabinet base
« Last post by nw60312 on Yesterday at 11:41 PM »

Anyone have any leads on a source for metal vanity cabinet bases along the lines of this:

Classifieds / For Sale: Seneca Parallel Guide System
« Last post by Jimxavier on Yesterday at 11:19 PM »
For sale is a complete Seneca Parallel Guide system

Like new condition

Included 18 in incra t track

Located in chicago, IL

Please make an offer
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