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Festool and Tanos Systainers / Systainer for plumbers?
« Last post by Systainer.Store on Today at 12:50 PM »
So I've had a conversation going on with a plumbing company for the past couple months.  They are interested in using systainers for their team.  Being busy with summer work though they haven't had a lot of time to think how they would organize their tools, and more importantly, the materials.  This company has told me about the variety of fittings types and sizes. 

I thought I'd poll the forum and see if there are any plumbers out there and if you are willing to post pictures of your tool box fit outs, especially if you carry fittings or materials. 
I learned to use the Surfix with Jory Brigham and I'm 125mm all the time.  I purchased a 5-liter heavy-duty oil and a 10 pack the green and white pads.  Jory had us use the blue home depot paper towels to spread the oil and the finish is amazing.

$145 for the oil and $48 and it's the same price as the box and you get a lot more value!

General Friendly Chat / Re: Visiting London
« Last post by jobsworth on Today at 11:55 AM »
Call Toolfest. If its available Warren will have it. He might have to order it.

So I would order it in advanced and have it delivered to your hotel when ya get there.

Toucan tools had the largest inventory of festools I seen

I dont know how their delivery is. But you can give them a shot call them and see.

FFX used to have some of the best prices. Once again call them

skype is your friend
Member Projects / Re: [Project 24] Workbench Overhaul
« Last post by jobsworth on Today at 11:46 AM »

this is comeing along nicely. Looks like its well thought out and has a excellent build quality.

Well done
Festool How To... / Re: Crosscutting Solution
« Last post by jobsworth on Today at 11:43 AM »
GRS PE 16 mounted to the hinge on a MFT with the 50" TPG (TSO parallel guide) should give you what you want
General Friendly Chat / Re: Visiting London
« Last post by GoingMyWay on Today at 10:56 AM »
Oh yeah.  I just checked D & M Tools's website and I couldn't find the MFS listed on there.

I better start emailing some UK dealers to see if anyone has any in stock.
Festool How To... / Re: Crosscutting Solution
« Last post by infer on Today at 10:39 AM »
Sooner or later you will use it and find that’s it is worth the trouble.
I am venting here, I love using the SURFIX but it sucks that there is not an kit for the 125mm sanders. Do you guys think a version for the 125mm sanders are worth Festool time to offer an alternative to the 150mm SURFIX kit?
General Friendly Chat / Re: Visiting London
« Last post by Cheese on Today at 10:15 AM »
YES!  The MFS system!  This is exactly the kind of "must have" NAINA item I was thinking of, but just couldn't think of a specific example.  Thanks!  [not worthy]

I wonder if an MFS would be eligible for the VAT refund.  If it were, I suppose I'd need to actually make the purchase in person as opposed to ordering it and having it delivered to the hotel since someone would need to see my passport?

I'm sure the MFS will qualify for a VAT refund. You just need to settle on a supplier and work things out. I'd start the email campaign today. There was a discussion probably about 9 months ago of the MFS being out of stock at several Festool suppliers both in GB and in Europe. They were all waiting for their inventory to arrive. [eek]
I didn't intend to cause issues with my comment.

I work hard to support my family and the families of my friends (aka colleagues) at Tool Nut. I've logged thousands of hours on this forum over the past 15 years. When I post something like this, I do so hoping that because we are bringing you the information, you would consider ordering from us. I'm not naive, I know that some of you have your go-to dealer of choice and will order from them.

It's a just a little bit of a kick in the nuggets when there's a link promoting another dealer in a thread that I start.

Apologies for causing the reaction with my prior comment.

Now... back to talking about tools.  [smile]
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