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These go for 182.00

150.00 and Free shipping to the lower 48. 3-5 Business days to ship. Brand New. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

MFT 1080 hardware kit with 42" guide rail 491504, swivel unit, end stop, and angle stop- 494071


    * 1. 1080 Guide Rail (491504)
    * 2. Guide Rail Deflector (489022)
    * 3. Adjustable Stop (490555)
    * 4. Angle Stop (Fence) (488563)
    * 5. Rail Support Unit Front
    * 6. Rail Support Unit Back Pivot

Item link

Just about the last item I have for sale after changing out the shop to Festools.


Hey guys, I can not take less than 150.00. I can return this for a 20.00 loss in return shipping, but thought I would offer it up at 150.00 so if someone wanted it they could get it cheaper than the current 182.00. I am willing to lose the 20.00 I will pay for return shipping, but not more, that makes no sense. I will lose about the same amount of money shipping to the buyer purchasing here, but the buyer will save 32.00 off the current price. If it does not sell I will return it before the 30 days.

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