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MFT and rails
« on: May 05, 2019, 09:04 AM »
For sale in the Atlanta area - local pickup/meetup only due to size of items

1. MFT - used, not abused.  Table surface has cut marks, one area is deep.  Comes with guide rail, miter gauge, fence rail plus two clamping elements, four bench dogs, two rail dogs, two ratcheting quick clamps, stop flag, two screw clamps and a few other items. $600.

2. Rail FS 1900 plus new edge strip - $170

3. Rail FS 2424 / 2 LR 32 - never used for cuts, only used the LR32 feature on it - $300

4. Handle for CT 26/36 - never mounted, just got put in the garage and moved around a lot.  Have hardware.  - $70

5. Angle unit - $75 (will ship this item)

Again, all items in Atlanta and due to the nature of them, shipping is probably out of the question for all except the angle unit and maybe CT handle.  Maybe the rails could be shipped but I have no idea where to find the appropriate box for them. 
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