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Hi. Was cutting up some melamine sheets with parallel guides (ripdogs) that use incra tracks. In the past I noticed sometimes when I put saw on track sitting on material the incra tracks would lift a little where the stops are up against the for some time now I was using a couple of ratchet type spring clamps (see pic) to hold the track down just in front of stops. I noticed if I was not careful it would actually pull the stop away from edge of sheet goods just a little bit.....then yesterday I noticed the bottom track of incra guides......yeeesh....I've seen the thread on this site on which t track fits festool clamps....heck even participated in the thread as lee valley track method works really well, melamine is slippery and I find the rail can move if you are reaching a long ways (bad technique on my part...) and rail has moved on I was clamping rail, and clamping track....using festool clamp on t track works no more need to clamp rail!!

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Nice one!  [thumbs up]


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Thanks for the suggestion! 

I have the same guides and usually just push on the back of the track to hold the parallel guides against the edge.
Your method looks like a great idea for panels that need a 'perfect' cut.

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Thanks guys...funny how you miss little

Yes did same thing trying to keep forward pressure on rail. I have to join rails so not really wanting to put too much pressure on rails, plus cutting 24 inch 8 foot and trying to keep just downward pressure on saw is enough for me to concentrate on....haha
I use woodpecker ruler with stop to set rails with guides.When using joined rails I've even clamped the ruler at the joint of the rails to make up for my crappy technique...I find reaching in to middle of 4x8 sheet on cutting table hard to keep decent and correct pressure on saw...but I'm not the tallest guy table going to be 3 inches shorter...or I need platform workboots....

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When I cut an 8' length on plywood I just use my 75" rail and reposition it.  Saves me from having to join rails and the parallel cuts keep the cut in line.