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New happy owner and Picture Frames
« on: May 01, 2009, 03:24 PM »
My name is Yves and I am from France.

I would like first of all to tell you people my gratitude for sharing all this material, tutorials and great ideas from which I did learn a lot. My wife had the great idea to ask what would please me most to receive as a present for my 63 rd anniversary and the answer took one second to get out of my mind : FESTOOL. Fest what she said ... Well, I got it. MFT/3, PS300, RO150, CD12, OF101 and TS55. These have replaced old ELU and Bosch tools and now I have a challenge, make a proper use of all this great tools.

First I used the saw with the rail just to make strait cuts and see if I could make 'perfect' cuts as shown on the Youtube demos I had seen. It is perfect, I could not expect better cut than this. Now I started to work with the MFT/3. The holes concept is just great. I have looked at some possible bench dogs and tried 20mm electric plastic tubes, 20mm plumbing tubes (works great because you can put 22mm around 20mm and get adjutable high bench dogs), also many others. Each has pros and cons.

One thing I have had problems with is making perfect repetitive 90 degrees cuts using the angle unit. Even though I have spent time to carrefully align both the angle unit and the rail, I still have a 0,5mm error which I an alway correct manually but which makes me think I did something wrong somewhere.

I have also found that it is easier to work with medium/large pieces of wood than with small ones.
For example I have tried to cut a simple picture frame 30cm x 30cm and could not have perfect angles. I can't ask my wife for a Kapex I'm sure it will not work.

I would like to ask you a question.

How would you approach cutting picture frames using the MFT/3. I would not always make frames of the same size or thikness. Should I use the holes, or the angle cut or should I build a dedicated jig ? If this has already been discused, please forgive me and be kind to point me to the right place.

Again thank you to all of you for your help.


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