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A wider capacity rip fence for the HK saw
« on: February 20, 2018, 07:50 PM »
I bought this Eurekazone UEG rip fence awhile back intending to set it up with a Porter-Cable 347 I had on hand, but when I finally got 'round to fitting the saw to the plastic base plate I found the saw's plate so densely ribbed drilling holes in any of the places corresponding to the base plate holes wasn't feasible.   Looking around for another saw to attach it I considered a couple of other options before hitting on the idea of chucking the base plate and adapting the edge guide to fit the HK.

I already had the 300mm edge guide that fits the HK so I had the two clips that attach 8mm guide rods to the edges of the saw plate.  I didn't have 8mm rod around, nor an 8mm threading die, so I tried 1/4" rod and found that it would work with the clips. 

I assumed I would get something about the design cocked-up so I made the mockup out of hardboard and alder scrap, but it turned out so accurate I may never bother to make a better looking version out of finer materials.  The rods are only threaded on one end for the brass thumbscrews.  The clips on the saw retain the rods when the saw is attached so the screws are only there as handles for inserting or removing the rods.  The alder parts are drilled at 9/32" and the fit of the rods is quite snug.  There's likely some minor parallel error with the holes but combined with the thickness of the material it helps the rods not slide out too easily.

It can rip to 24".   

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