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Wall mounting MFT/3 and optimal track positioning.
« on: August 22, 2017, 04:31 PM »
Hi folks, new to the forum and decided it was time I made my first post.

Ultimately I'm planning on building an MFT/3 style bench that will be hinged to allow me to fold it up against a wall. I've been searching high and low and watched many videos regarding the standard wall mounted hinged benches and they're great for a basic starting point. With my design I think I've found a solution that'll allow me to have the track mounted just as per the original MFT/3 and it'll function to the full also. It simply works by having a standard hinged bench-top but then making a cut out at the back just enough to allow the track hinge to raise and lower as intended. For this to happen the main support attached to the wall will need to either be in two parts or modified depending on allowances required. This project unfortunately for me isn't likely to happen for at least another 3-4 weeks so I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to get some feedback and advice from others on here that have pondered this style of bench.

As well as this I'm after some advice on the optimal positioning of the track when building a bench for utilising the use of the TS55 for cross cuts. The dimensions of the top I'll be building will be approx 1900 x 1220 but it'll be in a room where the right of the bench is against a wall, the left hand side has free space of approx 1800 mm but due to a door at the left side I am restricted to the bench dimensions stated above. I keep wondering if I'm overthinking the positioning of the track but again I would like the input of anyone here. Obviously I'm trying to achieve a scenario in which my track location on the bench gives me the absolute maximum cutting capacities on occasions when I'm cross cutting sheet materials and lengths of timber measuring 2440 mm. Do I just aim for having 1220 mm on either side or is that even necessary?

p.s I already own an MFT/3, I'm just looking to build myself a larger one that I can store away on the wall when not in use as I have a limited amount of work space.


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Re: Wall mounting MFT/3 and optimal track positioning.
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2017, 04:47 PM »
@K3nny - welcome to the FOG, the second most useful tool after the FESTOOL Products themselves. Tell us a bit about your woodworking focus and what FESTOOLs have already found a place in your shop.

Your "disappearing MFT" wall mount sounds intriguing and we look forward to comments from others on the FOG.  Here in the US many of us are spoiled by the often more spacious shops we can accommodate - much more challenging in Europe.

Have you found a solution for the guide rail overhang and access to the guide rail clamping height adjustment?  - or are you planning on a different rail alignment approach than the FESTOOL accessories which come with the /3 version of the MFT?

all the best!


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