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Thank you Matthew for graciously accepting our dealership onto FOG.  This is an amazing area of the "Festoolvian" world, and I certainly hope we can lend some knowledge and a hand wherever needed; and to be productive like so many other dealers on this site.

I have been associated and selling Festool products for several years now, and I am every bit excited as I was when I used my first Festool Sander!

Thanks again,

Tim Colwell
Lincoln Hardwood and Tool Company, home of
Lincoln, NE

(Excerpt From

(For those in need to know just one German word, this is the one for you.)

For those of you who watch a lot of late night T.V. War Movies; classics like Stalag 17, The Great Escape with Steve McQueen, or perhaps reruns of Hogan?s Heros, you probably recognize this word from the German soldiers barking at the prisoners to stand at attention. In German achtung is not just an exclamation; it is a noun as well. It means attention, esteem and respect. So?with that said:

Achtung Dude! The opening of the online catalog may cause: Rapid Pulse, Shortness of Breath, Rise in Blood Pressure, Dizziness, Perspiration and a Sense of Euphoria. DO NOT operate a motor vehicle or heavy machinery while under the influence of the online catalog.

Safe Shopping is guaranteed! Our techies have made sure the SSL encryption protects your personal and credit information while you shop.

Ready to check out all your cool stuff? Great! We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover Card, and American Express and Pay Pal. As I said before, all your information is safe with us thanks to our great propeller heads a.k.a. techy dudes. A big thanks to those guys!

Sales Tax is required for Nebraska Only.

We know when a junkie needs a fix he needs it fast! Most our products will ship next business day but if you need special shipping give us a shout!

We sure hope you all enjoy this fresh new approach to a very exciting line of tools.  It has been a ton of fun for us, and we hope you find something you can't live without.

Timmy C

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(For those in need to know just one German word, this is the one for you.)"


Entschuldigen Sie mich.  Ich bin Irisch und leicht verwirrt aber ist das nicht zwei W?rter?

(For those who need to know just one German word, this is the one for you.)

When I served in Germany my favorite three German words were,

"Bitte Ein Bit"

mit freundlichen Gr??en


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Do you have a good suggestion for German to English translation software?  Looks like I will need to go to

Thanks I think,   ;D