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Sysrock BR10 DAB+
« on: May 24, 2019, 10:33 AM »
Sysrock BR10 DAB+, A quick review...

The good
  • Sounds quality is good, actually really good (for its size). Better then you think, if you see it.
  • Interface is pretty straight forward (buttons could be slightly bigger if you would be wearing gloves)
  • Bluetooth setup quick and easy
  • Connected to the phone you can hear it ring (and use it handsfree)
  • Love the DAB (so much better then FM)
  • 4 presets for FM and 4 presets for DAB
  • Off is instant off (handy if you need to listen to somebody/something else)
  • Tripod mount

The bad
  • You can't plugin the adapter when you have a battery attached
  • When you attach the battery, the backplate with the hook needs to be removed. So you can only place it on a surface or attach it on a tripod. The hook on the backplate you can not use, on top  you can easily loose this part
  • Antenna seems a bit fragile, could easily break if it would be kicked or falls.
  • Next/Prev can't be used to  goto next/prev DAB station (shows list of channels, need to elect one first then press OK)
  • Next/Prev can't be used to  goto next/prev FM station (needs to be pres-hold to seek next, otherwise its fine tuneing)
  • Carry case is flimpsy, not up to par with the rest of FT

  • Keys have no backlight
  • Charging via adapter
  • Auto hop channel (like listen for 10 seconds and then goto next so you can find easy something you like).
  • Controll via App (change channel, volume)
  • Doesn't connect to FT work app, no firmware update (I think)
  • Auto pause (safes battery) when you start your Festool with BT battery  [tongue]

All in all I do like it and have no regrets, yet room for improvement!

Photos are all over the place (so I didn't make any), if you want something special let me know.

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