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Festool Midi V CTL26
« on: Yesterday at 01:10 PM »
I know this has been asked before and I have read a lot of post but I am really torn between the two Midi and CTL 26. 

It would be mainly used at home with my dewalt mitre saw (which I would like to add a 36mm hose but have also read someone suggesting a 50mm hose). It will also be used for various jobs around the home with my planer, sander (both dewalt) but I would like to get a table saw at some point. So basically it won't leave the home often, if at all but will be moved around the house.

Like I said, I am really torn between the two and not sure which would be best for my use.


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Re: Festool Midi V CTL26
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 02:35 PM »
I have both.

The CTL26 is great for higher capacity and if you want to use it with a boom arm, typically in a shop environment. 

The Midi is great for portability around the house.  Still good capacity and equal suction to the CTL26.  Great for vacuuming out the car or other repair tasks as well as use in the workshop.

My experience with Dewalt miter saws is that they do a lousy job of directing the dust, so no matter what you do, you're going to have dust escaping even with a larger hose.  Might consider building a containment bench for it if that is your primary use for the vac.  Or one of the tent-like capture chopsaw dust capture units from FastCap.

My take based on your tools:

Sander - either unit should be equal
ChopSaw - challenge with the saw in general, even with a larger hose
Planer - advantage CTL26 for capacity.  Planers fill a vac in a hurry.  I'd look at the FT or another cyclone addition to improve this on either vac
Portability - by far, the Midi

With either vac, I'd definitely get the bluetooth adapter and hose button - it makes them so much nicer to use even if you don't have the battery powered BT tools.

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Re: Festool Midi V CTL26
« Reply #2 on: Yesterday at 02:41 PM »
I feel your pain.  Had the same dilemma 2 years ago and went back and forth for months.  Ending up getting the midi as I had the same tools you mentioned.  Was very happy and everything was just great UNTIL that pesky table saw came in the picture.  Now I wish I would have purchased the CT 26.  Dust separator, etc. are all great options for the midi to give you added capacity due to the smaller bag, but the larger bag and larger footprint just has more benefits when you are trying to use 1 machine for so many purposes.  Having a vac that is easier to move also makes it easier to get top heavy when you add containers to the top and none of the cool attachments seem to work for the smaller Midi/Mini vacs. 
Anyway, as you know there is no answer anyone can really give you other than to share their own experience.  I would go with the CT26 if this is truly going to be a workshop vac.  Enjoy working through the dilemma. ;)

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Re: Festool Midi V CTL26
« Reply #3 on: Yesterday at 03:47 PM »
I went for a MIDI with a cyclone.

I was reasoning the 26 is almost same, only more capacity. But when you use a cyclone it all doesn’t matter that much any more.

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Re: Festool Midi V CTL26
« Reply #4 on: Yesterday at 10:53 PM »
I have both.  If I could only have one, it would be the CT26.  It is frustrating that both vacs come with a 27mm hose instead of a 36mm hose.  For the CT26 I have a cleaning kit with the 36mm hose, and the 27mm hose just sits in the cleaning kit systainer on a shelf.  The midi has a right angle on it's hose, so it can stay in the smaller top.  If you get the 36mm hose, I'm not sure how well it will pack away.  It does fit inside the hose garage of a CT26 [at least the older ones, before they reinforced it more].  For a workshop that might not matter; but it is useful for me to have it nicely stowed when bringing the CT out of the workshop.

I do use mine with the Dewalt CMS.  There is a lot of dust missed, but it is much better than with just the bag.  I haven't tried it with the 27mm hose, only the 36mm.  I've found the 27mm hose to be no good for general cleanup, larger chips get caught at the transition from the wand to the hose.