Author Topic: Whithout "L" shaped batteries, what is the benefit of the CXS over the TXS?  (Read 1310 times)

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Having already been bitten by the Festool bug, courtesy of a TS55 REBQ plunge saw, now that I find myself in need of a small, portable, cordless drill/driver I'm looking at Festool's options. Seems to me it's either gonna be a CXS or a TXS, but it made me curious to see they now seem to share the same battery? Makes me wonder what the point of the CXS is - and indeed the bulky charger - both of which have clearly been designed for a (slimmer) "L" shaped battery. Won't the TXS + charger take up less space in my toolbox than the CXS + charger would?
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... Won't the TSX + charger take up less space in my toolbox than the CSX + charger would?

No, the two styles of drill/drivers use the same charger. It has been a good number of years since the CSX has had the L-shaped battery -- say, about 2011 or so.

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No, the two styles of drill/drivers use the same charger.

Ouch. I fail to understand why they didn't change the charger design when they ditched the "L" shaped batteries? It's shaped like a large wedge only so it can accept the vertical portion of those, so with the TXS style batteries the charger could be made much slimmer. Not much point having a small cordless unless the charger is also portable... I have to fit all my tools for on-site work in a single airline check-in approved toolcase - might I be better off *shudder* with a Bosch?

Edit: Double ouch: just looked a little closer at Bosch's offering, the Bosch GSR 12V-15 FC, which looks like a nice compact option with exchangeable chucks - including a much desired 90 degree angle chuck. BUT, digging a little deeper I see that the previous model, the GSR 12V-20 N, has something else I would very much like to have: a brushless motor. Yet this model comes without the option of switching chucks, forcing me to make an impossible choice :( What gives?

Edit 2: Without the vertical portion of a battery inserted, what occupies the space in the front portion of a CXS driver's casing? Air? Have Festool gone insane?
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The Bosch's battery fits inside the handle, and so the handle is a little fatter than Festool's. That may or may not be an issue for you, it was for me. It would be lovely if Festool came out with a multi-charger though. In the past year or so I've gone from 1 battery system to 5 [eek], 2 of them Festool.
It would also be nice for Festool to get with the times and make the txs/cxs brushless.

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I have the Bosch FC and it's excellent. Even without the brushless motor. But if you're so inclined, you can buy that brushless model and swap the motors, apparently it's a very simple process. I considered it but actually the regular brushed one works just fine for me. I don't understand the shudder, it's a perfectly good machine that I'd recommend. I must have large hands because I never considered the handle to be especially "fat".

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I feel the op is a little over the top on this issue, and overlooking the fact that when the new batteries and TXS were released the backwards compatability with the original CXS batteries was very welcome for those CXS owners wanting to add a second CXS/TXS or new batteries to their kit.

As for the 'air' in the CXS... Who cares. It's about the wonderful for factor of the drill!?

Personally my head scratching question when they released the TXS and updated CXS with the new battery style was:
Now the batteries are notably wider than the original CXS batteries, they look like they could have actually be made compatible with the main/standard/normal festool chargers...

 I don't really mind the size of the 10.8v charger, i find the fact that i have to take it means the cxs often doesn't travel to jobs because i can't just grab the drill on its own, it needs to come with it's charger, and at that point i may as well bring the whole sys1. But I'm always trying to limit the insane amount of tools that travel with me to installs, and more often than not taking the cxs systainer as well as the T18.. Well, i don't.

Also seems silly as if the CXS/TXS used festools std charger, it would likely lead to curther cordless purchases by people whos first cordless festool was the cxs/txs. And i have a feeling thats quite a lot of people. And actually that future compatibility potential might even lead to more cxs/txs sales in the first place.
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I don't understand the shudder

Nothing takes the joy out of using a tool quite as much as knowing the circumstances under which it was made. I always try to buy products from civilised countries who treat their workers - and the environment - with respect. It's not always easy, sometimes impossible, and certainly not cheap, but I think we all have an obligation to put our money where our mouths are. I consider Festool being made in Germany as one of their main strengths, and I don't mind paying extra for the peace of mind provided by EU regulations. We shape our future with the choices we make.

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One thing the hollow CXS handle can be used for is bit storage.


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One thing the hollow CXS handle can be used for is bit storage.


And I DO love the magnetic bit storage on my CXS. Been using it to do some electrical work on a project at home, and it is fantastic to be able to hang the lightweight CXS from my belt and instantly change from torx to phillips bits as needed. Simple things matter - like being able to run screws in an electrical box with a gun instead of by hand - all because the weight and form factor make it practical to haul with you while climbing around an attic on your knees and elbows. My cheaper 12v Dewalt is just as light, but doesn't hang as well and doesn't have the bit storage or right angle chuck.
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