Author Topic: Penn & Teller demonstrate nail gun safety  (Read 820 times)

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Penn & Teller demonstrate nail gun safety
« on: April 25, 2019, 02:36 PM »

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Re: Penn & Teller demonstrate nail gun safety
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When nail guns first started showing up on job sites, I was work on stuccoing a new foundation. The carpenters had finish the deck framing and were starting with the subflooring. That was in the days we were still using 1x yellow pine boards. there was a lot of nailing involved. The contractor brought around a nail gun and compressor to see how the men like the method. Each man took a whirl with the gun. I heard lots of good remarks as i was working with my head just below deck level. all of a sudden, guys were running in all directions and a lot of yelling. I peeked up over the deck, and some of the crew were converging round the apprentice who was standing very still, but bent over. some were running towards their tool boxes. and all were yelling back and forth. I realized the one person in the crew who was standing still, and not saying anything was still holding the nail gun. He apparently was not moving because he had nailed his foot the the floor. The nail had gone thru the top of his boot, thru his foot and thru the sole of his boot and into the sheathing. He did have steel toed boots, but the nail went into his foot just about a 1/4" behind the steel toe cover. He was sore for a few days. I don't think he ever leaned against a nail gun with the business end resting on his foot again.
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Re: Penn & Teller demonstrate nail gun safety
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Pretty funny, thanks for posting.  [smile]   I just wish my 2 Paslodes worked that well.    [mad] [mad]

If he used either of my Paslodes, thereā€™d be a nail in the scrotum and a nail in the throat. Or maybe not, they just fire when they feel the need.