Author Topic: Retrofitting Veritas Quick Release Tail Vise To Bench with MFT Holes ??  (Read 1793 times)

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I'm looking to see if anyone has experience with the Veritas Quick Release Sliding Tail Vise on a bench with an MFT-style pattern of dog holes.

I'm in the process of retro-fitting a maple top for a steel-legged box store bench.  The original top was 2'x6' and 1.75" thick.  It warped badly in the Colorado 60% avg. humidity over two years, about 6mm cup in the middle.  It also had 3 relief slots cut in the bottom about a saw blade kerf wide, I assume to try to control warping - they clearly did not work for that.  The top is one of the softer maples, not hard maple.

I decided to cut it up and put it back together flat.  I cut it into strips 3.75" wide (eliminating the funky saw kerfs in the process) and added width by adding a .75" strip of granadillo between each strip.  The final product will end up around 59"x26", 1.5" thick.

Once I get it put together again, my intent is to drill the top using the parf guide system.  What I'm thinking is that I will mount the Veritas vise for right-hand use so that the vise jaw holes and the corresponding holes in the skirt on the front of the bench line up with the overall MFT hole pattern in the rest of the top.

Thoughts?  I'd be interested in feedback both on the vise itself, and on my ideas for using it.
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No experience with the vise, sorry. So you're thinking of doing what this picture is showing, right side only that is ? If so then it looks very nice.