Author Topic: A Plea re "A Plea" (AKA 'A Plea for more informative titles')  (Read 1474 times)

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Per recently started a thread with the title "A Plea". I have read it several times, but after several days the topic (member locations) slipped my mind and I opened it again.

I would like to respectfully suggest that "A Plea re Member Locations" would have been a more informative title. Once I forgot the 'location' topic, I thought the "plea" was perhaps for help in cutting square corners, or getting a tool repaired ...  whatever.

This was reinforced by its location, under 'All Tools and Accessories". (Note that I placed this thread under "About Our Members".)

By using descriptive titles, and placing a new thread in the 'best category' (sometimes a value judgment), the forum becomes more useful for everyone.

BTW - I did appreciate the content of Per's thread, and as a result, updated my profile to show my location. Thanks, Per!

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