Author Topic: Anyone Tried Chinese Laser Levels?  (Read 746 times)

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Anyone Tried Chinese Laser Levels?
« on: April 27, 2019, 10:44 PM »

I was wondering if anyone had any idea or experience using laser products from markets without US regulations. I think some of the most redundant discussions on tools I’ve ever read have been about lasers. Red vs green is a great example. Like how two people swear one color is either invisible, or clear as day, with neither recognizing they’re likely suffering from opposite ends of the color blindness spectrum. Derp!

Another one is laser power. They’re all basically the same if maxed out to US regulations. At the point, the only viability variable is in the optics used. Which brings me to my point. I bought a laser pointer from China a few years back that SHOULD be illegal. Like, it will burn through wood and makes you feel like you could write your name on the moon.

I was wondering if anyone had used a laser level manufactured outside of the (fairly strict) US regulations and if there were any recommendations. I have a PLS, Bosch and A Huepar on the current site. None of them are worth a junk in the sun. We are setting panels to the exterior of a modernist structure, so the geometry is everything. We are working to a variance of under ⅛” across the entire surface. So a laser that I can see and take some time snapping to, in direct light, would be a huge bonus.

Amy guidance appreciated.

Just other some tools at the house. Here’s a pic from today’s reorg for your time reading.

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Re: Anyone Tried Chinese Laser Levels?
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2019, 07:56 AM »
Although they chuck out the same power the human eye is more sensetive to green light so it does indeed show up better.
Having said that I have a PLS 180  that has a red laser,
I've tested it side by side with a green laser PLS and the  green shows up better in bright light.

Thing is, I've also got the laser detector that beeps so thats what I use outside and I'm pretty sure the batteries last longer on mine as red light needs less energy to produce.

I'll try not to lose sleep over the differences though.

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Re: Anyone Tried Chinese Laser Levels?
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