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I recently acquired a Felder BF 7-41combination machine. I just installed my Rotary Phase converter and want to get busy using it.

I need info on the router spindle. I installed the spindle and discovered that that when I put the drive belt on the top pulley (large one) that the belt aligns with a section of the arbor that is threaded? In other words, the way the router spindle is laid out allows me to use only the two bottom pulleys which would drive the spindle at only 7800 rpm or less?

Any info on setting it up to turn faster?

The diagram on the machine shows the top spindle in use. It also says the router spindle when setup in the fastest configuration should turn 15000 rpm. How do I tell the difference between the normal router spindle and a "high speed" one.

Also still looking:

The Unofficial Survival Guide
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Re: Felder BF741 info needed/ Unofficial Survival guide wanted
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2018, 10:42 AM »
Good morning...

In order to get the spindle deep enough into the machine it is necessary to loosen the cam retention bolt which is attached to the arm which moved the drive pulleys and motor. once this is removed, you can manipulate the belt much more easily into the appropriate pulley locations

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Re: Felder BF741 info needed/ Unofficial Survival guide wanted
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Good Afternoon Sir,

My name is Bacari Vann and I work for Felder in the New Castle, DE headquarters. On your machine, the router spindle should have a pulley which aligns directly with the largest pulley on the motor side. This ratio will allow for your router to spin at the max RPM of 15000. The belt used for this should have markings that say '9PJ 533' which indicates that it is for the router spindle. A normal shaper spindle belt would have the markings '9PJ 559' for shaper spindle.

Here is a link to our eshop to order the proper router spindle belt: Router Spindle Belt 12.0.265

If you would like to go into further details about this with myself and my product specialist, feel free to reach out to me @ 302-232-2123. All the best! -- Bacari Vann

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Re: Felder BF741 info needed/ Unofficial Survival guide wanted
« Reply #3 on: August 02, 2018, 08:47 AM »
Thank you both for your replies. I will have to look more closely at the router spindle and belt markings. On the spindle I don't think its a matter of not seating deeply enough, as it would need to sit higher for the smooth part of the spindle shaft to line up with the larger pulley. See picture below.

In the picture the belt is on the middle pulley. When moved to the top pulley it is perhaps 1/3 on the smooth part, but the rest of the belt ends up on the threaded part. I know its the wrong belt but that shouldn't change anything other than length?