Author Topic: SLR to mirrorless? Any regrets?  (Read 31268 times)

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SLR to mirrorless? Any regrets?
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I went mirrorless in 2011, previously having been a Nikon SLR, then DSLR user, with a 4 x 5” large format camera for nature shots.

Got a Fuji X 100, which rekindled my love of photography. Afterwords, while on a trip in Japan, sometime in 2015, I picked up an X-T1 in a photo store there, and  upon return to the states promptly ordered one from B&H.

The X-T1 is my workhorse. Have the 14/2.8, 23/2, and 35/1.4 primes and love the setup. Still small and manageable, the image quality is off the charts, and if I have to travel real light, just grab the 23mm. The Fuji film simulations are to die for!

I recently tried the X-Pro2, but it didn’t fit right in my hands, and the optical viewfinder felt a bit gimmicky.

Have no regrets about leaving DSLRs behind.

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